Serving as your one-stop shop for all your Loc products, Moxxē Naturals provides the bare necessities to start, maintain & refresh your loxx from start to finish. 

We specialize in creating build up free products that promote the health & growth of your hair. All products are made with love using cruelty free and natural ingredients right in the heart of Texas.

Q. Miller

Q. Miller has successfully created and currently oversees the following businesses: (Loc Royal Vibez(Loc Salon), Moxxé Naturals (Natural hair care products), Infinite Vacations (travel agency) & 29Eleven Digital (entrepreneurship network). Thriving to leave no gift/talent left behind, Quela continues to find new and innovative ways to evolve, influence and inspire.

While her story is still being written, she believes she's been created to not only serve others but to share her journey as a living testament that God CAN despite of! Follow her transparent journey as she host a self-improvement podcast titled "LIFEing Out Loud". 


Director Of Logistics


Product Manager

MOXX·E /ˈmäksē/

noun  (1) A force of character with courage to go for it all. 

(2) Display of confidence & positive Vibez. 

(3) The determination to creatively place the culture’s energy in all you do.